THE HUMAN FIGURE IN MOTION is a CD-ROM collection of over 300 different video clips of scores of various human activities--running, jumping, sitting, climbing, walking,etc. Every one of the more than 20,000 frames are additionally accessible as individual high-resolution images. This is the largest and most complete collection of visual human motion studies since Eadweard Muybridge published his classic series of photographs more than a century ago. As an example of the extraordinary detail this affords, the image above right was created from only 9 of the 86 different still images associated with this single video clip.
Step One: Choose from among 300 different types of action performed by either mail or female figures. To help you choose, a sample frameappears in the right-hand window.
Step Two: Select the exact frame you require (a frame counter helps you remember specific poses).
Step Three: Choose Full Image to get the high-resolution frame, which you can then either print out or save.