The Picture of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde's only novel is an exercise in symbolic biography in its story of a man who remains young and handsome while he commits every degradation imaginable...all the while the portrait hidden in his attic reflects his every sin. With 16 illustrations by Ron Miller.



Eve's Diary. Written shortly after the death of his beloved wife, this little book is one of Mark Twain's greatest one and the same time one of his funniest, gentlest and most romantic tales...and one of the greatest love stories ever written. Includes the original illustrations.

Mass market paperback.


Extract from Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven, by Mark Twain. Long out-of-print, this classic of American humor was the last book to be published in the author's lifetime. It tells the story of a crusty American sea-dog who travels to heaven aboard a comet...a year later Twain himself died as Halley's Comet glowed in the sky above his home, Stormfield, Connecticut.

Christina Rossetti's enigmatic poem,The Goblin Market, has stirred debate since its first publication nearly 150 years ago. Is it an innocent tale of fantasy for children, with a wholly uplifting moral? Or is it one of the most lushly erotic works of literature ever created?This special edition is lavishly illustrated in full color by Ron Miller.


The End of Books. Originally published in 1894, this remarkable short story by Octave Uzanne predicts the end of the traditional book as audio books take over the market. Includes the original illustrations by Albert Robida.



A Voyage to Arcturus. David Lindsay's surrealistic 1920 masterpiece has been described as the greatest underground novel of the 20th century.