20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. This special edition of Jules Verne's classic novel corrects more than 3000 errors in the original 1872 English translation and replaces the 23% of text that had been expurgated by the original translator for political, ideological and other reasons. In addition, there are nearly two dozen illustrations created especially for this edition by Ron Miller, cutaway views and schematics of the Nautilus, maps, details of Verne's diving suits and many other special features.

A Journey to the Center of the Earth. A special edition of Jules Verne's masterpiece, edited, expanded, corrected and illustrated by Ron Miller. In addition to more than 200 notes that introduce the reader to Verne's science and world, there are numerous full-page illustrations, special chapter heads and maps.
The science that most excited Jules Verne was geography and in most of his 60+ novels he succeeded in sending his heroes to literally every corner of the earth---as well as beneath the seas and to the moon. Extraordinary Voyages is a 160-page atlas of these voyages. Nearly 150 detailed maps, diagrams and schematics outline every journey described in Verne's novels, as well as inventions (including a two-page cutaway view of the Nautilus), ships and flying machines. Foreword by Forrest J Ackerman.
From the Earth to the Moon. Undoubtedly the most important, influential space novel ever written. This newly translated edition includes the full, unexpurgated text of both From the Earth to the Moon and its sequel, Around the Moon. Also includes Verne's footnotes, the original illustrations and special appendices.
Off On A Comet (Hector Servadac). A collision with a comet tears off a piece of the earth, along with a small band of survivors. Includes more than 100 illustrations from the original edition along with an appendix with diagram and map.

The Purchase of the North Pole is one of Verne's lesser-known works. A sequel to From the Earth to the Moon, it tells of the Gun Club's mad plans to tip the Earth on its axis in order to access the coal veins at the North Pole! Text has been edited, corrected and with previously deleted material replaced. Includes the original illustrations and an Afterword.

The Gun Club Trilogy combines for the first time ever all three Gun Club novels into a single volume. Fully illustrated and with special appendices.

Jules Verne was one of the founding members of the first society devoted to the promotion of heavier-than-air flight. For more than twenty years he associated closely with the inventors and engineers developing the first helicopters. The result of this collaboration are the two novels included in this volume, one of which directly inspired Igor Sikorsky to build the world's first practical helicopter. In addition to the complete text of Robur the Conqueror and its sequel, The Master of the World, are all the original illustrations as well as hundreds of notes, maps, charts and photos.
The following contain the entire text of the original English editions, along with all the original illustrations (some in color). Foundling Mick contans several hundred words missing from the 19th century English version.
(Note: the text of these books was created from scans of the original editions. Care was taken to correct errors in the OCR process of converting the scans to text, but some anomalies may remain.)
Perseverance Island. A quintessentially American response to the "Robinsonade" school of adventure fiction...and in particular to Jules Verne's "Mysterious Island." Our castaway hero not only thrives but manages to do everything from making a compass, gunpowder, bricks, glass and a steam yacht but a submarine, balloon and flying machine.  Originally published in 1884. Contains the original illustrations.