Bradamant Triumphant. Acrylic on illustration board. 2021 15x20 inches. $750

Bradamant vs the Dragon. Acrylic on illustration board. 2021 15x20 inches.

Drop Gladiators (illustration for Amazing Stories). Acrylic on illustration board. 9x11 inches.

Mars Habitat. Study for unproduced James Cameron Mars film. Acrylic on illustration board.15x20 inches.

The Green Dragon. Acrylic on illustration board, 2021 15x20 inches.

The Snake Mother (The Face in the Abyss). Acrylic on illustration board, 2021 15x20 inches.

The Compleat Enchanter (frontispiece for Easton Press edition) Acrylic on illustration board, 15x20 inches.

The Egg Poachers. Acrylic on illustration board. 2020 15x15 inches

The Fury. Acrylic on illustration board. 2020 12x16 inches

Frontispiece for ILLEGAL ALIEN. Acrylic on illustration board. 15x20 inches $500

Cover art for EMPERY. Acrylic on illustration board. 20x28 inches.

Frontispiece for LIFEHOUSE. Acrylic on illustration board, 15x20 inches.. $500

THE SILKEN DRAGON, from Dragons of Light. Three paintings. 10x15 inches, acrylic on illustration board. Framed. $1500

Frontispiece for BORDERS OF INFINITY. Acrylic on illustration board. 10x15 inches. Matted. $300

Frontispiece for DREAMFALL. Acrylic on illustration board.
15x20 inches. $400

Cover art for Wardove. Acrylic on illustration board.18x29 inches.

Illustration for Amazing Stories. Acrylic on illustration board.15x20 inches.

Cover art for The Ascension Factor. Acrylic on illustration board.19x28 inches.

Cover art for Eternity (1988) Acrylic on illustration board. Approx. 20x30 inches. Framed. $1000

Frontispiece for Sword of the Lictor. Acrylic on illustration board.15x20 inches.

THE PIRATE QUEEN OF ALTAIR V, 15X20 inches, acrylic on illustration board. $1250

Frontispiece for Green Mars. Acrylic on illustration board. Approx. 9.5x14 inches.

Confrontation. Acrylic on illustration board (2020). 15x20 inches. $1750

Warrioress vs the Demons. Acrylic on illustration board (2020). 15x20 inches. $1750

In the Ruins. Acrylic on illustration board (2020). 15x20 inches.

Sketch for Sword of the Lictor. Acrylic on illustration board.5.5x6.5 inches.

Sketch for Not for Glory. Acrylic on illustration board.5.5x6.5 inches.

Jana, the Red Flower of Zoram (from Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan at the Earth's Core) Acrylic on illustration board (2022). 15x20 inches. $750

Beauty and the Beast a la Edgar Rice Burroughs. 2023 Acrylic on illustration board.15x20 inches.