My daughter was on all three covers of this series. In the first, she is wearing a costume from Dune. In the second, her head has been composited on a photo I took of some SciFi armor a friend had made. The fire in the background is a photo of a bonfire. The spacecraft in the background of the right-hand image were taken from a traditionally painted illustration I had done years earlier.
This was based on the photo of a friend (right). The wrinkles were adapted from a photo of an old apple. The jar was a separate photo and the background an interior from the Library of Congress.
My daughter's eye. (She appears in half a dozen covers on this page. See if you can spot them all!)
The background is from the Library of Congress. The face is a photo of a friend.

Since this character appears on all but one of the books in this series, it was an advantage to be able to use a single model, in this case a willing friend. My daughter appears in the second one. Most of the background elements are from my files.

My wife is the main figure in this one. The background is a photo taken in California, the spaceship is a model in my collection.
The model was combined with a photo taken in an Italian church. It's important when combining images to make sure that lighting is consistent. This helps in integrating them into one another. Notice the same "chain mail" was used in the photo on the right in the row above this one.
My daughter again.
The contrast of the photo was increased, red was added via a tranparent layer and the results run through the Plaster filter in Photoshop.

I printed out one of the poems in the book and spilled a glass of diluted tea onto it.

The female figures are a friend. Even the water drops are a specially-taken photo. They were placed with an eye dropper onto a glass plate with black paper under it.

I found this broken doll in a parking lot.

Left and above: my wife in a costume she created. The spacecraft is a model from my collection and the background was painted by me. The creature is a photo of friend---heavily Photoshopped!---and the background landscape is a vacation photo.
The asteroids are clay models I had created for space illustrations. The central figure and the seated figure are friends.
Two friends posed for this. The final figures were a combination of several images. The wings came from a photo of a swan. The background is one of my space illustrations.
Again, two friends. The spacecraft are models from my collection.
The background is from the same series of bonfire photos I mentioned earlier. The figure is a friend.

A photo of my wife that had sat in my files for years was used in this one. On the right is my wife wearing a Dune costume. The background is a photo I took on a movie set.

The face is that of friend. The headpiece was added later.
A heavily retouched photo of a friend. The background is of a nearby woods.
The original of this was a B&W photo of a friend. The background is from my files.
All three figures are people I know.

All of the parts of this are from my files. The girl is a friend, her arm and hand are from a different photo, the man's face and armor are from my files.

A photo of a friend combined with a photo taken in Italy.
My daughter yet again.
My daughter yet again.
My daughter was the model for both of these, with obviously a lot of work being done to match her to the character,