In the centuries that have passed since Charlemagne fought his great wars against the Saracens, the story of Bradamant and her love for Rashid have become the stuff of legend. Epic poems have been devoted to her exploits, paintings, operas and even motion pictures. It has long been a tradition in Sicily to depict Bradamant's adventures in the form of puppets. At the left are Rashid and Bradamant, as portrayed by a pair of Sicilian marionettes.
Above: Among the actresses who have portrayed Bradamant on stage and screen are (left to right): Annelise Theodoloz, Catherine Robbin, Lucille Beer, Xenia Meijer and Kathy Garver, who played Bradamant in the Timberwolf audio adaptation of Bradamant: The Iron Tempest. Top, Barbara de Rossi from Hearts & Armour, an Italian film adaptation of Orlando Furioso.