It's the eighth century Europe of Charlemagne...and of myths, monsters and magic. The Iron Tempest is the story of one of Charlemagne's most formidable paladins, a fabulous woman knight who must face almost insurmountable odds in her quest for a love forbidden by her emperor, her family and her god. Odds that include such impediments as sorcerers and sorceresses, giants and hippogryphs, treachery and madness---all to say nothing of entire armies that have the misfortune of standing between Lady Bradamant and her heart's desire...even if she is not entirely sure what that desire really is.


Also available: Special illustrated paperback edition (click on the cover at the right) and two novelettes featuring Lady Bradamant vs a pair of rampaging giants and a malicious dwarf bent on kidnapping a hapless maiden. Click on the titles for a preview and to order.